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Sveti Stefan Montenegro is part of the largest network of property, accommodation and travel web sites in Montenegro. This network offers to all interested parties, property agents and agencies to advertise their property and accommodation offers on more than 30 highly targeted web sites using the effective, centralised web interface. Using our custom made application you are able to overview your account, manage your properties, view visitor statistic, control options across the whole network and many more. This system is a result of several years of planning and systematic improvements on the system - as is, it is unique and unsurpassed in this part of Europe. Using this system allows for property agents, real estate companies and travel agencies to spread their offers amongst thousands of visitors, establish their brands and make high profits with comparatively very low investments. For complete information and opening account form please visit


Everyone can open an account - it is competely FREE to use this system for prolonged period. It costs absolutely nothing to open an account right now and start uploading your properties - in a few seconds your property offers could be visible accros large network of more than 30 established sites. This probation period will allow you to get to known how system works and very possibly make first sales using it. After free usage period, if for any reason you don't want to continue using the system it will be automatically closed. For detailed information please visit central site


What you get by using this service:



  • Long free usage period - use it free for months without obligations, than decide - if it benefits your company turn to paying customer.
  • Top search engine positions on every single important keyword.
  • Targeted marketing - we drive only true, quality targeted traffic.
  • Centralized web based control panel - upload all your properties, recieive new property offers, watch statistics, all from one place.
  • You dont spend any money on web marketing - instead, we do it for you.
  • Newsletter - your property offers are being sent via newsletter to a large base of potential customers who signed up to receive our newsletter.
  • Link to your web site on front page of each site through whole network.
  • Your web space - if you don't have web site yet, you got your personal mini site for free.
  • 99.99% of network uptime, on very fast european servers to accommodate fast page loading for UK, Russian and european visitors.
  • Support - each our customer gets a thorough, quick email support.
  • Fair Play - It is our dedication to raise up your business success to a new level, we can make profit only if you make profit, simple as that. You got free usage of complete system without any restrictions for months, an opportunity to gauge the effectiveness, make some sales along the way, and only if you are satisfied you may decide to become a permanent customer. Fair Play.


For more information and online form to open a free account please visit